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Ventura mountains


Clemente Baking Co - Our Process


Ventura, California; nestled between mountains and ocean in a slice of rolling hills, farm fields, and sand dunes.

The products we create are designed with adventure baked into their backbone. At Clemente Baking Company, you are always in for something new and exciting!


We seek out and source quality, local ingredients with each item we utilize. From the alternative grains to the exotic fruits of Ventura County, we purchase most of our ingredients from local farmers markets, meaning the items you enjoy from Clemente Baking Company were grown, purchased and baked right here! 


We thrive on playing with flavor profiles and combinations - many of which are ones you probably haven’t tried yet! We invite you to step out of the norm and venture into a world of flavor possibilities and passion! 


What makes Clemente Baking Company stand-out? 

  • Passion for forging new possibilities based upon tried and true recipes and products

  • Attention to the small things, both in our work and in the needs of our customers

  • Drive and effort to ensure we can provide the best baked goods to Ventura County

  • Hard work, experience and dedication to the culinary arts field


All of these ingredients meld together to create something delightfully new but comforting for all to enjoy!


All we ask for is for you to trust us on the journey because the destination is delicious and worth it!


About Craig hurlbut

In a culinary career spanning nearly two decades, I have worked in many facets of the restaurant industry.  Beginning my career working in a small local meat market and deli, I acquired skills as a butcher and first began to learn the importance of attention to detail and customer service. 


After a few years, I moved on to what would become my first true culinary love…pizza!  I would go on to work with pizza for the next twelve years. Half my pizza career was spent managing a small take-out operation in my home state of Connecticut.  I would come to gain an appreciation for the art of crafting beautiful pizzas and come to build relationships with customers and better understand their needs. During this time, I met my now wife Carly and we made plans to move to California. 


Upon arriving in Oxnard, California, we began to spend time in Ventura and knew we had to call it our home. Ventura was an instant comfort for us both; with the lush greenery from the farmlands, to the calm sense of the ocean, we both felt an instant connection and love for the community. Carly was able to expand on her holistic healing career while I continued my pizza career in Ventura working at a couple iconic locations; Tony’s Pizzeria and Fluid State Beer Garden. 


I decided to broaden my culinary horizons and began working in fine dining under Chef Alex Montoya at Water’s Edge Bar and Restaurant in Ventura Harbor. I began helping with the desserts and was soon drawn towards the beauty and delicacy of preparing visually stunning and delicious culinary treats. 


After getting a taste of the dessert and baking realm, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough! While sharing my passion with Chef Alex Montoya, he asked me to join his team at Honey Cup Coffeehouse and Creamery to help plan, manage and prepare the baked goods. 

During this exciting time, the concept for Clemente Baking Company began forming in my mind.  The sum of my culinary work experience led me to explore new and exciting ways to express myself through baking. I was drawn to experimenting with the local produce I purchased from the local Farmers Market.


My baked goods instantly became a hit with friends and family and I just knew this was my calling. 

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