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Each month, we handcraft treats based on what local produce is in season. 
These limited items are baked fresh daily & tend to sell out fast!

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Clemente Baking Wheat


Below is a Sample of our Rotating Menu.

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Clemente Baking Wheat
Batard Homemade Bread ventura california alternative grains


[Hard Red Wheat / Einkorn Wheat / Maldon Salt]

Our Country Batard is our standard blend of our bubbly sourdough starter and a combination of Hard Red Wheat bread flour and Organic Whole Wheat Einkorn flour with just enough Maldon Salt to round out its flavor.


This is a bread for all occasions both freshly sliced or toasted!

Highlight-  Einkorn Wheat connects us to early farming communities. Its roots have been traced back 12,000 years and has remained unaltered and is the only wheat never hybridized like many widely available wheat varieties today.

ginger apricot cranberry pecan flaxseed maldon saltBatard Homemade Bread ventura california alternative grains


[Hard Red Wheat / Dried Apricots / Dried Figs / Dried Cranberries / Crystalized Ginger / Pecans / Flax Seeds / Maldon Salt]

This bread is a unique and delicious combination of hard red wheat packed full of dried apricots, cranberries, figs, crystalized ginger, pecans and flax seed. The sweetness of the fruits plays wonderfully with the earthiness of the wheat and pecans and is topped off with the subtle zing of the crystalized ginger.

Highlight- This bread can be used in a variety of ways.  Eaten as is with a nice turkey dinner, toasted with butter and jam or even charcuterie, or our personal favorite as the toasty buttery exterior of a grilled cheese paired with soup on a cold day.

Batard Homemade Bread ventura california alternative grains


[Hard Red Wheat / Einkorn Wheat / Crimson Raisins / Cinnamon / Cardamom /  Maldon Salt]

We start our Breakfast Batard with our same standard bread base but we take it in a direction best suited for breakfast or a sweet treat. We bring extra fiber and a nutty roasty flavor through an addition of a Hard Red Whole Wheat Flour. We bring it all together with an inclusion of sweet Crimson Raisins and depth from a blend of warming cinnamon and cardamom.

Highlight- This is definitely built for toasting and you won't be disappointed by the intoxicating aroma as it toasts.  Once made crisp we usually spread with cultured butter and a sprinkle of salt or a schmear of our favorite jam. It is truly one of our favorite morning delights!

fennel seed pistachio Batard Homemade Bread ventura california alternative grains


[Hard Red Wheat / Einkorn Wheat / Fennel Seed / Pistachio / Orange Zest / Maldon Salt]

This is one of our unique breads. Our standard base bread meets the pungent sweet licorice flavor of Fennel Seed and the nutty earthy flavors of Pistachios.  We also add just a touch of orange zest for a mildly floral finish.

Highlight- The flavor of this bread can stand on its own but when combined with sweet jam especially citrus marmalades or salty charcuterie and nutty mild cheeses it truly comes into its own!

sumac cracked pepper Batard Homemade Bread ventura california alternative grains


[Hard Red Wheat / Einkorn Wheat / Sumac / Cracked Peppercorn / Maldon Salt]

This is a great bread for the dinner table beginning with our base dough blended together in harmony with the earthy aroma and the tart citrusy flavor of Sumac.  We then finish it with the slight heat and bite of cracked black peppercorns.

Highlight- Sumac might not be in everyone's spice cabinet but it should be! Most commonly used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. You may have enjoyed it with out knowing as it appears most often as one of the ingredients in Za’atar seasoning blend. It can bring much of the same flavors as tart lemon to foods without the addition of liquid.

trash can bakery cookies ventura california


[Chocolate / Peanut Butter Chips / Oats / Potato Chips / Pretzels / Coffee / Biscoff Crumbs / Coffee / Maldon Salt]

A cookie for when you can't decide what kind of cookies you want. These cookies have it all, semi sweet chocolate, peanut butter chips, rolled oats, potato chips, pretzels, fresh ground coffee, and even Biscoff cookie crumbs, yes there are in fact even cookies in these cookies. Topped with a sprinkle of flaky Maldon salt. Sweet and salty will go war on your taste buds!

Highlight- Unlike Oscar these cookies don't actually hail from a trash can. We chose the name because when it comes to making a fully loaded cookie you start looking in the pantry and find the bottom of the bag of chocolate chips, potato chips etc and just start adding. The cookie is the trash can.

Blueberry Oat pistachio bakery cookies ventura california


[Blueberry / Pistachio / Oats / Cinnamon / Cardamom / Coriander Smoked Maldon Salt]

When crafting an oat cookie often people reach for raisins we instead reach for dried blueberries. The sweet tart berries are a perfect compliment to the earthy chopped pistachios and chewy oats. A helping of cinnamon and cardamom brings warmth and a touch of coriander seed brings brightness.

Highlight- Coriander in Cookies?? A surprising fact is that blueberries and coriander both contain the terpene linalool and when used together can boost each other's flavor. However there is a fine line with how much coriander to use in sweet baked goods. In our case just a touch makes a difference. 

Pretzel Date Cookies bakery cookies ventura california


[Pretzel / Dates / Peanut Butter Chips / Dark Chocolate]

These cookies are making me thirsty!  The inspiration for these cookies comes from a delicious treat peanut butter stuffed dates. Then we found some other additions to bring along.  We start with a pretzel cookie base and add in its good friend peanut butter. A deep molasses like sweetness from chopped dates bridges the gap to the bitter and rich dark chocolate.

Highlight- Where are the pretzels?? The secret to the malty and salty pretzel flavor is we pulverize pretzels back into a flour and substitute it for some of the regular flour in our recipe.  This also aids in achieving the crumbly crunchy salty goodness in these cookies.


1rsStrawberry Thyme Loaf.jpg


[Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Strawberries / Thyme / Poppy Seed / Vanilla]

Our Strawberry Thyme quick loaf blends the juicy, sweet, and tart flavor of strawberries with the earthy yet floral notes of fresh thyme leaves. We then include the light crunch of poppyseeds for texture and smooth dreamy vanilla to bring it all together. Topped off with a healthy drizzle of our salted honey icing.

Orange Cranberry Sage .JPG


[Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Orange / Cranberry / Sage]

In the late fall early winter we find a beautiful crossover of flavors here in California. A classic flavor combination is packed into this quick loaf. We begin with sweet bright citrus flavor from fresh orange juice and zest, then adding puckering tartness from fresh cranberries.  To balance these flavors we bring in the uplifting floral savory notes of sage. To match the hearty time of season we also include some cinnamon oat crumb topping.

1rsGolden Loaf.jpg


[Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Turmeric / Ginger / Cinnamon / Cardamom/ Black Pepper / Nutmeg]

Inspired by the popular drink Golden Milk this quick loaf takes on its beautiful golden hue from the earthy rich flavor of turmeric. In support we then added a bite on your palette from the zip of ginger and low heat black pepper. Next come the warming spices in cinnamon cardamom and nutmeg.  We then finish it with our sweet and salty honey icing.  While this loaf is simple in appearance it delivers a bold but satisfying blend of flavors.